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How many tiles fit in a square meter?
Heuga and Interface carpet tiles are (almost) always 50cm x 50cm. Which means that in one square meter fit four carpet tiles.
How much do tiles weigh per square meter?
Heuga and Interface carpet tiles weigh 4 kg per square meter on average.
Can I combine different types of carpet tiles with various pile heights?
Yes that is definitely possible. The hard backing of the carpet tiles always has the same height, this ensures a good transition between different tiles. You could even combine high pile carpet tiles with low pile tiles.
Can I order a sample?
Are Heuga and Interface carpet tiles more expensive than other flooring solutions.
With Heuga and Interface carpet tiles you do not need subflooring, plinths or special glue. This results in a lot less waste comparing to other floor solutions. This saves both time and money. You can also save money on labor by installing the carpet tiles yourself.
The tiles are of high project quality which means very little to no maintenance. If tiles are stained it is easy to replace a single tile instead of the entire floor.
Can i install Heuga and Interface carpet tiles myself?
Yes, most definitely. Installing our carpet tiles is very easy. The only thing you need is a sturdy utility knife. Here you can find the installation instructions.
Are Heuga and Interface carpet tiles compatible with floor heating?
Yes, all carpet tiles are compatible with floor heating if they maximum temperature of the floor does not exceed 28C degrees.
How are the delivery costs for my order calculated
The shipping costs are calculated according to the quantity you have ordered. In the shopping cart of our webshop you can always see immediately how much shipping costs you have to pay for your order.
Frequently asked questions about carpet tiles
Frequently asked questions about carpet tiles
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