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Interface and Heuga carpet tiles

The range of the CarpetTilesOutlet in Veenendaal consists of carpet tiles from the Heuga and Interface brands. These products are delivered directly from the factory in Scherpenzeel. These brands are known for providing very high quality carpet tiles. The Heuga Home Flooring brand focuses primarily on private sales, while Interface Flor focuses more and more on the business market. A large part of the Heuga Home Flooring collection can also be found in the Interface Flor collection.

Interface is an American company with various production locations throughout the world, including a department in the Netherlands. The organization is known for launching innovative products that are suitable for every workplace. Because of the creativity present within the company, Interface is able to respond to the changing needs of their customers and to offer high-quality products for everyone. The goal of Interface Flor is Mission Zero, which means that they try to produce as sustainably as possible.

Carpet tiles from Heuga make it possible to give the floor of your living room exactly the color that matches your interior. The colors of the Heuga carpet tiles are in line with the latest trends in home furnishings. This floor covering is easy to install yourself and is known for its durability. These products are also sustainably produced in the factory in Scherpenzeel.

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