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Heuga carpet tiles

The CarpetTilesOulet collection consists of a very large range of Heuga carpet tiles, formerly known as Heugaveld.This brand started producing loose-lying tiles in the 1950s that are easy to install and easy to clean.

Heugaveld started with the Superflor series (Flor), which has proven to be of very high quality over the years. Over the years, the Heuga brand was expanded to include well-known series such as Heuga 530, Heuga 580, Heuga 727, Floorscape, Color Collection and Puzzle Pieces. But also think of wool carpet tiles like the Country Classic series.

Heuga was taken over by the Interface brand in the 1970s, which developed the first tufted carpet tiles, which completely changed the course of the carpet tiles and also the design options. Because of this progress, everything was possible, not only needle felt, but also bouclé, velor and frisé, all in many colors.

All Heuga and Interface products are produced sustainably. Interface is determined to become the world's first environmentally sustainable and climate restoring company.

Why Heuga carpet

Heuga has set itself the goal of producing Heuga carpet tiles sustainably, with the vision of 'Mission Zero'. The company achieves this primarily through its innovative and environmentally friendly backing.

Heuga carpet applications

Heuga carpet tile is a modular tile that is particularly suitable for a fresh, individual design of your business premises but you can also perfectly furnish your living areas with it. Consider the following spaces:
- Offices
- Hotels
- Restaurants
- Trade fairs
- Bedrooms
- Living rooms
You are spoilt for choice when it comes to creating your floor, using one colour or combining different designs.

Benefits of Heuga carpet

The tiles are extremely easy to maintain and, thanks to their structure, stains are hard to spot. But if you need to replace a tile, it's possible! You don't have to replace the whole carpet. Besides being easy to maintain, Heuga carpet tiles offer a number of other benefits, such as:
- Fire-resistant
- Dirt-repellent
- Anti-static
- Suitable for underfloor heating
And that's not all! Thanks to their backing, they are also sound-absorbing and heat-insulating. All these properties make carpet tiles ideal for large and small spaces.

Heuga carpet tiles, the cheapest on the market

CarpetTileOutlet is the Outlet par excellence, which means you won't find anything cheaper than here! By buying carpet tiles directly from the factory in the Netherlands, we can guarantee low prices while delivering Heuga brand quality. So don't wait any longer to discover the entire outlet collection.

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Below a small selection from our Heuga collection:

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