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Better acoustics: SONE® Backing

Better acoustics: SONE® Backing

There are many things we can do against unwanted noise in the (work) environment. The most obvious solution, of course, is to remove the source of this noise, but that is not an option when it comes to people. Other considerations are the furnishings and interior. These factors have an impact on the noise level of a room. The floor is a big part of this.

All our standard Interface carpet tiles with CQuest® backing already reduce impact noise by 14 - 28 dB. Our LVT tiles with 16 dB. Other hard floors normally reduce this by only 1 - 6 dB.

For the majority of projects, acoustic and ergonomic comfort can be achieved with standard Interface carpet tiles. But with our improved acoustic backing option, SONE®, we go one step further.
These reduce the impact noise by up to 33dB and are even more comfortable on the feet. SONE® offers a sound absorption value of at least αw 0.40, and reduces contact noise for better concentration and communication.

Because SONE® is integrated into the carpet tile, projects can be completed quickly. This makes the backing also suitable for large surfaces. NOTE: SONE can NOT be installed with the glue-free TacTiles® system.

Product Advantages:
• Impact sound reduction up to 33 dB.
• Sound absorption up to αw 0.40 depending on the product.
• Improved comfort to the feet.
• Easy to install with minimal inconvenience.
• Economical - especially for large areas.
• 98% recycled material from PET bottles.

Our collection SONE carpet tiles

Some carpet tiles from our collection with a SONE® backing:

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