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Cheap Carpet Tiles

At the CarpetTilesOutlet in Veenendaal you are at the right place for cheap high quality carpet tiles. You will not be able to get Heuga and Interface carpet tiles anywhere so cheaply, because we receive the carpet tiles directly from the Heuga and Interface factory in Scherpenzeel.

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Laying carpet tiles can offer you benefits in many ways. The main advantage of a floor consisting of carpet tiles is the ease of use. Carpet tiles are easy to transport, lay yourself and keep clean. You also do not need an underlay and you can even lay the carpet tiles loose, so you do not need any glue. This also means that you are able to determine the design of your floor yourself. You can also take and reuse your carpet tiles with a possible relocation. Our Heuga and Interface carpet tiles are almost all fire-retardant, dirt-resistant, antistatic and suitable for underfloor heating. Through a bitumen underside of the carpet tiles, they work sound-insulating and insulating. In addition, you will not suffer from curling tiles, a common problem that does NOT occur with Heuga and Interface products.

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