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Composure Interface

Composure Interface

Discover our new stock of the Interface Composure collection now.

Decorate your room or office with these carpet tiles, designed with natural patterns and available in beautiful colors.

Due to the subtle design in combination with the high use class 33 , the Composure makes it possible to furnish even the heavily used spaces with this carpet tile. So you are free to install it in restaurants, shops or large office complexes, for example, it will always look professional and inviting.

These carpet tiles are of course also ideal for decorating your home. Whether you want to work on your bedroom, living room or attic, with Composure you have all options. Alternatively, the carpet tiles are also suitable for the entrance or study room, where you take extra advantage of the dirt-repellent fibers.

Visually, Interface Composure will inspire you with 32 different shades. The slightly spotted pattern and beautiful color gradations are perfect for combining individual spaces. There are many brown and gray shades available, but also bright colors such as blue, turquoise, green or various red shades. This floor made of high-quality materials will never get boring and is also easy to clean .

These carpet tiles not only visually convince you, but technically the Composure also offers some advantages that you would never want to miss again. Enjoy peace of mind through the contact sound absorption techniques with improved sound attenuation up to 25dB . You certainly don't have to worry about the use of office chairs. This floor covering is resistant to intensive use of the castors of office chairs, while the anti-static properties ensure that you can install your computer equipment without any problems.

For domestic use, the practical floor heating suitability for hot water systems is one of the many advantages. Due to the uniform heating, this carpet tile offers more than just warm feet.

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