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Skinny Planks

Skinny Planks

The new look for carpet tiles.

Our 25 x 100 cm Skinny Planks bring a different proportion and scale to carpet tile, expanding the range of installation options beyond what’s possible with squares alone.

Squares are still a core element of the Interface modular carpet system but Planks break with the traditional carpet tile aesthetic and expand our modular platform, giving you new power to create fresh, exciting floor designs.

The scale and directionality of Skinny Planks gives you an expanded range of design options. Create floors that better reflect the geometry and flow of surrounding space. Use contrasting Skinny Planks to create large scale tile patterns, provide wayfinding cues, or denote activity zones. And those ideas are just the beginning.

Love the look of wood plank flooring?

Patterns – like herringbone or ashlar – make them appealing. Skinny Planks offer you the same patterning possibilities. You also get flooring that’s soft, quiet, slip-resistant and much more economical than a hard surface. And, Skinny Planks installed without glue using our TacTiles® installation system are more adaptable than hard surfaces. The high percentage of recycled content and the multiple recycling options make our products more sustainable as well.

Want the benefits of carpet tile without the look of carpet tile? Use a single style of Skinny Planks, laid in an ashlar pattern. They’ll blend across the floor, giving you the benefits of modularity and the continuous look of broadloom.

View our full range of skinny planks here

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