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Superflor Black Magic Needle-Punching

Superflor Black Magic Needle-Punching

The original, classic Superflor floors will no longer be produced from 2022. Interface will manufacture this carpet tile in a new, more environmentally friendly way.

We have the very last stock in Europe! This entire stock of original Superflor carpet tiles is 100% A-quality and new in box. And because it is a discontinued product (really the very last) we can offer them at this OUTLET PRICE.

Each Superflor (Heuga Flor S) tile is given its traditional appearance and feel thanks to its special production in the "Needle-Punching" process. Each room can be enriched with several amazing colors, with soothing, neutral shades, as well as with striking paint sprays. Intensive loading is no problem for Superflor and offers an unrivaled service life with outstanding performance. 82.5% polyamide nylon, 17.5% viscose.

On sale: normal price € 9,75 per tile NOW € 6,00 per tile

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