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Equilibrium Uniformity

Brand: Interface
50 cm x 50 cm
Suitable for
Living room, Bedroom, Hall, Attic, Project (kl33)
Fire class
BFL-S1 (B1, class 33)
Office chairs
Floor heating
Getufte gestructureerde tip sheared bouclé
100% BCF Solution Dyed Nylon contains pre-consumer recycled content
Product number
Color number
304298 run 43143

Equilibrium is the perfect solution for the design of modern, subtle and elegant interiors. Two different colored yarns are tufted with the product - creating a unique color with an appealing visual effect. Equilibrium with a particularly high-quality design is perfect for creating a homogenous, harmonious surface image. The irregular high-depth structure with unique optics allows for the uncomplicated and partial exchange of individual tiles. The laying possibilities of one way, draughtboard, half brick and ashlar ensure that this product can be adapted completely to your specific circumstances. Equilibrium includes a palette of several colors.

Let the quality of our carpet tiles convince you:
High quality ✓ Easy maintenance ✓ Many colours ✓ Durable ✓

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