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Superflor II Hamster

Brand: Interface
Needle felt
50 cm x 50 cm
Suitable for
Living room, Bedroom, Hall, Attic, Kitchen, Project (kl33)
Fire class
BFL-S1 (B1, class 33)
Office chairs
Floor heating
Coarse Fibre Needlefelt Pile
70% Solution Dyed Nylon, 20% Polyester, 10% Polypropylene
Product number
Color number

Superflor II, the old-fashioned classic Superflor in a new version.

The original, popular and classic floor covering Superflor (the very strong hair tiles of the past) has recently been discontinued. This has been replaced by the Superflor II.

From 2022, Interface has started producing this carpet tile in a new, more environmentally friendly way. The Superflor II now comes standard with the new environmentally friendly CQuest ™ BioX backing. But still in the well-known and striking colors.

CQuest™ Bio - CQuest™ Bio is the new backing for Interface carpet tiles, PVC-free and bitumen-free. It is made with a biocomposite, a mixture of bio-sourced and recycled materials with a net negative carbon balance. With a higher concentration of materials with a negative ecological footprint.

These tiles meet all requirements for project purposes, project class 33 and fire class S1.

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